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(Photo by Erin Hooley/Chicago Tribune/TNS)

Burglar Breaks Into Escape Room, Calls 911 After Failing To Get Out

July 16, 2018

Tamara Bertrand received a call from her local sheriff's office around 5am last week saying her store had been burgled.

Fearing the worst, Tamara and her husband, Rob, immediately rushed to their store.  She told CBS News, "Our initial reaction when we received the call was obviously worst-case scenario."  When they arrived, however, Bertrand said "all we could do was laugh."

Tamara and Rob own and operate NW Escape Experience, an "escape room" where a group of players solve a series of clues to escape a locked room, usually facing a time limit of one hour.  The burglar allegedly broke in through an empty suite located next door, stole a beer, a TV remote, and a non-working cell phone, all props used in their escape rooms.  Bertrand believes the burglar forgot how he got into the room, panicked, and called the police when he couldn't escape.  When he eventually found his way out, he exited the back door into the waiting arms of police officers.

The Bertrands laughed at the incident, but are still wary about future break-ins.  Tamara said, "It is still a little nerve-wracking to hear the audio surveillance of the lockers hitting the ground and him getting access into our business.  It kind of freaks me out a bit."

The couple has installed an alarm system to prevent future break-ins.

Via 10TV