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Son Sets Parents' Home On Fire Trying To Scare Off Spiders With Blowtorch

October 24, 2018

Let's be honest.  Most of us aren't fans of spiders, especially spiders in the house.  And even more so, if those spiders happen to be deadly, venomous black widow spiders.  

But what would you do if you found some black widows chilling out in your place?  Bug spray?  Step on them?  Or how about busting out your blowtorch like this guy did in California while house sitting for his parents!

That's right!  Tuesday night while watching his parent's house in North Fresno, California, the unidentified man found some black widows in the upstairs portion of the house and decided the best approach to the situation was to go out back, grab a blowtorch, and start shooting fire and the deadly spiders in order to scare them off.  

Unfortunately that plan didn'tn go so well.  As a result, he ended up causing a two-alarm fire in his parents house.  Almost 30 firefighters were dispatched, and were able to put the fire out pretty quickly.  

Fire officials reported that the primary damage was on the second story portion of the home and attic.  They also reported that the exact cause of the fire hasn't been decided but are pretty sure they know what did it.

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