Vasyl Dolmatov

China Passes Law That Requires A Month Long “Cooling Off” Period Before Divorce

The High Number Of Divorces Post-Quarantine Has Led To This Decision

May 29, 2020

Just as many predicted, apparently quarantine has led to a high number of couples now seeking divorces. This has become an issue in China, as lawmakers passed a law this week requiring a month long “cooling off” period before a couple can get divorced. While many opposed this new law, some are hoping maybe some time not in quarantine can help couples reconcile.

The new law, which will go into effect January 1, 2021, requires couples wait 30 days before their divorce request can be processed. While post-quarantine divorces are on the rise, this proposal was apparently first discussed last year, as lawmakers sought feedback. Though the law was met with widespread criticism, the China government is looking for ways to lower the divorce rate.

The divorce rate in China has steadily increased since 2003, and like many countries an increase is expected on divorces post-quarantine. “There must still be a lot of people who marry impulsively, they should set a cooling off period for getting married as well!” said one commenter. While quarantine may not be over, it’s unlikely a “cooling off” period will change many minds.

Via The Guardian