Including Coronavirus Antibody Test In Profile Is Latest Dating Trend

Singles Are Looking For Ways To Improve Their Chances Of Getting A Date

May 20, 2020


Like many social events, the dating scene has been impacted by the coronavirus. With many stuck at home, virtual dates has become the norm, as businesses remain closed. However, as businesses begin to reopen, many are now adding something to their dating to profiles to help improve their chances; coronavirus antibody test results.

With dating sites, sometimes people feel the need to include health test results to show they would be a safe partner. Now that the coronavirus is in people’s minds, many are hoping proof that they can’t harm someone with COVID-19 can help their chances at landing a date. “We’re asking people if they’re comfortable sharing if they’ve had it, and if they’d like to know if the person they’re matching has had it,” said matchmaker Maureen Tara Nelson.

Many singles have begun to see people using the coronavirus, or test results as a way to get date son dating apps. While this isn’t a guarantee they don’t have the virus, it seem most singles will do just about anything to gain an advantage in the dating pool.

Via New York Post