Couple Gets Into Fight After Girlfriend Buried Massive Bean Supple Boyfriend Recently Purchased

The Man Panic-Bought 45 Cans Of Beans, Which She Then Buried In The Woods

April 13, 2020

George Doyle

Relationships are tough enough as it is, but with many currently stuck at home, things have intensified for many couples. This was the case for one couple, who recently shared their hilarious argument on Reddit. In the boyfriend’s post, he claimed the two fought after he bought a massive supply of beans, which she then buried and refused to tell him where.

As the story goes, the man panic-bought 45 cans of beans, not knowing how long he would be staying at home for. However, when he went into the cabinet to make some chili, the massive bean supply was gone. According to his girlfriend, she hid them in case “things get bad,” but would not share where the beans were hidden.

Apparently the girlfriend buried the supply in the woods behind their apartment complex, and exclaimed to him, “I will never jeopardize the beans!” This led to a massive fight, and according to the man’s story, the couple has not spoken to each other since, thought living in the same home. While some couldn’t believe the story was true, in quarantine anything seems possible.

Via The Takeout