Dave Grohl Compliments Post Malone’s Nirvana Tribute

The Foo Fighters Frontman, And Former Nirvana Drummer, Was Impressed By Post Malone’s Tribute

May 11, 2020

Emma McIntyre / Staff

Post Malone has made his love for Nirvana well known, even sharing a livestream tribute performance for the band last week. The performance has been praised by fans and critics, and now a member of the beloved band has chimed in with some praise of his own.

During a recent interview, Dave Grohl, lead singer of the Foo Fighters, and former Nirvana drummer, was asked about Post Malone’s tribute performance, and luckily for Malone, Grohl only had great things to say about it. “They were killing it. So I watched a bunch of it. I was, like, 'That was really cool.' I don't get to see other people do Nirvana songs often, and he seemed perfectly comfortable with it, and it sounded great. Even the die-hard Nirvana people that I know were, like, 'Dude, he's kind of killing it right now,'" said Grohl.

Grohl also heaped Praise on the drummer during the performance, Travis Barker, saying “watching Travis play the drums to those Nirvana songs, I was honored. For Post Malone, those comments have to feel good, coming from a member of the band he loves. Hopefully, one day this leads to a collaboration between the two.

Via Blabbermouth