Drive-In Haunted House In Japan Goes Viral

The Idea Came When Customers Began Cancelling Due To The Coronavirus

June 25, 2020


With businesses beginning to reopen, some industries are learning they may need to make major changes in order for customers to feel safe. For a haunted house in Japan, that meant closing their doors and taking the fear to the streets. Their new drive-in haunted house has gone viral, as some say this new method is scarier than the traditional haunted house.

The new style of haunted house consists of staying in the car, with plenty of bloody murder and rampaging zombies. “At the drive-in haunted house, guests are confined in a car so they can't escape the horror until the end,” said producer Kenta Iwana. The drive-in haunted house avoids the three c’s to keep their customers safe; closed spaces, crowded places and close-contact settings.

While they hope to eventually bring back the traditional haunted house, many have been making reservations for their new drive-in version. “I can get very close to guests even though they're behind the windscreens. It's interesting to see their reactions so close up, while keeping social distance," said Kota Hanegawa, and employee at the haunted house. As long as customers don’t try to use their vehicle as a weapon, the drive-in haunted house will likely continue to give people scares.

Via Yahoo!