Food Critic Claims He Spent $20,000 On Takeout While High On Medical Marijuana During Pandemic

The “Stoner Food Critic” Has Had Takeout For Almost Every Meal Since March

July 2, 2020


For most stoners, there ideas never actually come to fruition, but for one man, he thought of an idea around the one thing no marijuana user can resist; food. The only issue is; his passion for food and marijuana has led to quite the hefty price tag, especially over the last few months. Joel Haas, a self-described “stoner food critic” has only been eating takeout since quarantine started and estimates he’s spent over $20,000 in the process.

Since the pandemic hit in mid-march, almost every meal Joel Haas has had came from a restaurant, usually high end. Haas has gained a following thanks to his marijuana themed food reviews, and during the coronavirus his reviews have grown, thanks to his legal marijuana intake. “I like to consider myself the bartender crafting the overall buzz, and what I’m doing is the Long Island iced tea of marijuana,” said Haas.

According to Haas, he has spent $20,000 at DC restaurants since March, plus $6,000 to food banks in cities where he’s filmed. While keeping up his passion for food and marijuana during the pandemic, Haas has also done a lot for local restaurants struggling during quarantine. It may not be the most efficient high idea, but it helps others and keeps Haas full of good food.

Via Washingtonian