103-Year-Old Grandmother Goes Viral After Getting Her First Tattoo

The Michigan Woman Wanted To Cross Getting A Tattoo Off Her Bucket List

August 11, 2020

For many people, getting a tattoo is something they always thought about, but never actually did. However, one woman in Michigan recently decided to finally cross getting some ink off her bucket list. The 103-year-old grandmother has gone viral after photos of her getting a tattoo were shared on social media by her grandchild.

Dorothy Pollack recently visited a tattoo parlor with her granddaughter, Teresa Zavitz-Jones, to get some ink permanently put on her arm. Pollack decided on a green frog on her left forearm, and her granddaughter made sure to share the entire experience. “Granny is a badass now; sportin that ink. It's her first... ink addiction is the name of the game,” said Zavitz-Jones in her post.

Born in 1917, the tattoo artist said Pollack was the oldest person he ever gave a tattoo, and gave her her new ink for free. Afterwards, she crossed another item off her bucket list, as her granddaughter shared another photo of her on the back of a motorcycle. It appears her age isn’t stopping this grandmother form living her life.

Via Fox News