Israeli Inventor Creates Remote Control Face Mask People Can Wear While Eating

The Mask Has Comes With A Lever That When Squeezed Opens A Slot In The Mask For Food

May 19, 2020


With people around the country wearing masks when they go out in public, many are looking for ways to go through their daily routine without the mask becoming a distraction. One of these activities is eating, as some are struggling to feel safe taking off the mask in order to eat. Luckily, an inventor in Israel has created a mask that will allow user to continue eating with the mask on.

The remote control face mask works like a bicycle handbrake, opening up a slot of the face mask with the squeeze of a lever. “The mask will be opened mechanically by hand remote or automatically when the fork is coming to the mask,” said vice president of Avtipus Patents and Inventions, Asaf Gitelis. While the mask could lead to messes with some food items, it should allow people to eat on the go without risking their health.

The remote control mask quickly went viral, with many comparing eating while wearing the mask to Pac-Man eating dots in the classic video game. The company plans to begin selling the masks within months, and will sell for 85 cents to $2.85. While wearing a mask may not be the most comfortable, this should make it way more tolerable.

Via New York Post