Fans Of Jeremy Piven Can Buy A 15 Minute Zoom Call With The ‘Entourage’ Actor For $15,000

The Actor Is Offering The Very Expensive Call Through Cameo

June 16, 2020

Greg Doherty / Stringer

While it may seem odd for fans to be giving money to well-paid famous people, Cameo has become the go to gift idea for people looking for some celebrity interactions. Now, Cameo has added a new feature with many fans still stuck at home; celebrity Zoom calls. Many have begun to judge which celebrities have the most ridiculous price for a fan zoom call, and the answer is clearly Jeremy Piven.

Jeremy Piven may not be the only celebrity asking for a ridiculous price to do a zoom fan call, but he definitely has one of the higher figures. The ‘Entourage’ actor is asking for $15,000 for a ten minute call. For fans not looking to spend that much, a personalized message from the actor will only cost $400.

Some other personalities offering Zoom calls through Cameo include; Lance Bass, Sean Astin, Andrew Dice Clay, Tony Hawk and more. “Right now Cameo zoom calls seem expensive on an absolute basis but cheap on a per-minute basis when compared to Cameo videos,” said Cameo founder and CEO Steven Galanis. At least now Jeremy Piven will know who his biggest fans truly are.

Via Entertainment Weekly