Bored Jeweler Decides To Close Shop, Bury Inventory And Sell Treasure Maps

J&M Jewelers In Michigan Has Buried About $1 Million In Jewels Around The State

July 16, 2020

With plenty of people still on lockdown, many are looking for new hobbies to help pass the time. Luckily, a jeweler in Michigan that was looking for a way to spark business just came up with a way to give people a chance to relive a childhood dream. The owner of J&M Jewelers decided to close up shop, bury his inventory and sell treasure maps for people to go on a scavenger hunt.

The search for buried treasure was an idea J&M Jewelers owner, Johnny Perri came up with while reading about New Mexico antiquities dealer Forrest Fenn. “What Mr. Forrest Fenn really wanted is what I found to be most unmistakably true. It was getting off the couch and out of the house and adventuring outdoors,” said Perri. With his business struggling during the pandemic, Perri decided to come up with a fun way to get people interested.

Perri has already buried almost $1 million worth of jewelry around Michigan. The treasure is found using a set of clues, which hunters can get by purchasing a ticket. “You follow the riddle, you got a little wit, a little adventure in you, you'll find it quick,” said Perri. The first hunt is scheduled for August 1st, with more to follow.

Via Fox News