Man’s Attempt At A Romantic Marriage Proposal Ends With Apartment Fire

Luckily For The Man, She Still Said Yes Even After Their Apartment Burned Down

August 6, 2020

Thanks to social media, the pressure to deliver an original marriage proposal is higher than ever before. Those proposing to their significant other have major planning to do, as a simple question asked on one knee is no longer enough for most. Sadly for one man, his attempt at an extravagant and romantic proposal ended in the couple’s apartment burning down.

Albert Ndreu’s plan to propose to Valerija Madevic included spending hours setting up60 balloons and lighting 100 candles that spelled out “marry me?” However, not every went as planned, as when he returned from picking up his girlfriend, the apartment was filled with smoke. “We walked up the stairs to the flat and there was smoke everywhere. I told him to call the firefighters because our house was on fire,” said Madevic.

With all the chaos going on, Ndreu decided to drop to one knee and pop the question. Luckily for Ndreu, she still said yes, despite the apartment fire. At least their relationship can only go up form here.

Via New York Post