Man Surprised At How Much He Missed After Spending Last 75 Days At Silent Mediation Retreat

The Man Emerged From The Retreat And Asked, “Did I Miss Anything?”

June 5, 2020

Nazar Rybak

The world seems a lot different now than it did three months ago. As many throughout the world remain quarantined, most have probably become more used to the situation than they were at first. However, for a man who had spent the last 75 days at a meditation retreat, he never could have expected the response he got when he asked “did I miss anything?”

Daniel Thorson, a member of a Buddhist Monastic Academy in Vermont, decided to go in for a meditation retreat in mid-March. After 75 days, Thorson emerged, and sent out a tweet saying, “I'm back from 75 days in silence. Did I miss anything?" The response he got was shocking to say the least.

The first thing he noticed was the new rules at grocery stores, as he tweeted “People at the grocery store seem more anxious than I remember." Since then he has been informed of all that has been going on since March. While it must be hard to hear all at once, most are now wishing they had been in a silent retreat this entire time.

Via Insider