Buda Mendes / Staff

Pearl Jam’s Stone Gossard Shares Hilarious Memory Of Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell

Gossard And Mike McCready Recently Did A Reddit AMA To Promote Their Latest Album

April 13, 2020

Coming from the same city and era, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam have a lot of shared history. The groups remained close throughout their careers, even forming a super group, Temple Of The Dog, in the 90’s. Recently, two members of Pearl Jam took part in a Reddit AMA to promote their latest album, and shared a hilarious story about Soundgarden frontman, Chris Cornell.

Pearl Jam guitarists Mike McCready and Stone Gossard were asked during the fan discussion to share their favorite memory involving Chris Cornell, who passed away in 2017. Gossard’s story involved a human dummy nicknamed ‘Safety Man,’ that the band left in the studio before Soundgarden went in to record.

“Long story short, safety man had been on the couch the whole time SG record and one day [engineer> Matt Bayles arrived and was getting ready to record and as he turned around Safety man stood up and scared the shit of him… Chris has snuck in and put on all of safety man’s clothes and sat there for 20 mins waiting… so funny,” said Gossard. Its stories like those that friends and fans of Cornell will always remember.