Study Shows Men’s Beards Protect Against A Punch To The Face

The Study Looked At The Human Face’s Ability To Take A Punch

May 21, 2020


There are many reasons for a man to grow out their beard. Some do it for looks, others do it out of laziness, but apparently beards have another purpose for being on a man’s face. A recent study revealed that full beards may have evolved to help men absorb punches to the face.

Not only do beards tend to give men more confidence, but a recent study published in the journal Integrative Organismal Biology shows facial hair acted as a shock absorber for blows to the face. “We found that fully furred samples were capable of absorbing more energy than plucked and sheared samples,” said the experiment done by biologists Ethan Beseris, Steven Naleway and David Carrier.

Luckily, the study didn’t use actually people to test their hypothesis. The study done to find the human face’s ability to take a punch used epoxy composite skull covered in several styles of sheep skin to find these results. While beards may protect against a punch, hopefully this doesn’t lead to bearded men picking more fights.

Via New York Post