Texas Strip Club Opens For Business Claiming To Be A Full Time Restaurant

Club Onyx In Houston Opened Their Doors To Customers Friday At 12 A.M.

May 4, 2020


As some Texas businesses begin to reopen, a strip club in Houston decided to open their doors to customers this weekend. As Governor Greg Abbott issued an order allowing certain businesses to reopen at a 25 percent capacity, Club Onyx decided to claim itself as a full service restaurant in order to reopen as well. Cops raided the club, but it remains open as a judge granted a temporary court order.

Governor Abbott’s order allowed for some businesses, including restaurants, retailers and shopping malls to reopen, but strip clubs remained off the list. However, Club Onyx serves food as well, and they opened for business Friday at 12 a.m. Cops raided the club within an hour of opening, but a lawsuit by owner Eric Langan allowed the club to remain open.

While some may question the club’s reasoning for opening, they claim to be adhering to strict guidelines as, “Seating will be limited as we will be following state guidelines and health recommendations of social distancing. We will have sanitary stations set up with hand sanitizer and all staff will be practicing the strictest sanitary guidelines.” It may not be essential, but most likely they will still get plenty of customers.

Via New York Post