The Viral “Murder Hornet” Is Apparently A Beloved Snack In Japan

The Asian Giant Hornet Has Made Its Way To The United States, But Hasn’t Popped Up On Menus Yet

May 6, 2020


While many were startled at the news that something known as a “Murder Hornet” had made its way to the United States, apparently it may lead to a new delicacy featured on food menus. The Asian giant hornet currently has zoologists and pest-control experts working to eradicate the infestation before they become an issue, but foodies are hoping to get a taste of the insect that has become a beloved snack in Japan before they are all gone.

Known as the “Murder Hornet,” the Asian giant hornet has become infamous for killing several people in recent years. However, in rural parts of Central Japan, the insect is a crunchy, zesty snack that foodies can’t get enough of. "People have compared it to a popcorn-y flavor without the butter. Depending on how you prepare it, it can have different flavors,” said Chef Joseph Yoon.

The dish can be served in a number of ways, including pan fried, on skewers and even in alcoholic beverages. The Murder Hornet can be found on more than 30 menus in restaurants across Tokyo. While some may fear the terrifying hornet now, many are hoping to at least get a taste of the insect.

Via New York Post