Walgreens Is Now Selling Turkey Dinner Flavored Candy Corn

With Fall Right Around The Corner, Fans Of Thanksgiving Can Now Get A Head Start

August 12, 2020

The fall season usually brings a number of beloved flavors to menus around the country. Pumpkin spice and Halloween candy usually dominate the shift in flavors, but now another beloved holiday is getting in on the action. Even though it is still summer, some shopper shave noticed a new flavor of candy corn popping up at stores that taste like a turkey dinner.

Brach's Turkey Dinner candy corn: That's right! Brachs went all out and all, weird this year with a bag of candy corn brandishing SIX different flavors! Listed below is our impression on each along with what we believed the color combination was, in case you try them yourself. We admit, some of the flavors are hard to differentiate, so let us know if you think otherwise! Green Beans (all green): Sweet with that field-fresh after taste. Honestly, kind of enjoyable. Turkey (Yellow bottom, brown tip): We'd say odd, but that would be forgiving. This flavor is downright wrong to be in candy, but still enjoyed the taboo experience. Cranberry sauce (all red): Also delicious! Kind of sour-sweet. Carrot (all orange): Sweet and delicious with a little bit of spice! Sweet potato pie (white bottom, orange tip): Amazing! Great cinnamon flavor on the after taste. Stuffing (brown bottom, white tip): Another forbidden fruit like the turkey one. Credit to @connorpupp for the release information. Credit to @brachscandy for the daring creativity. Credit to @walgreens for the courageous supply order.

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Thanksgiving is still months away, but apparently the beloved holiday is getting a jump start on getting people in the mood for turkey. The new flavor of candy corn has been seen at Walgreens, and includes flavors for green beans, roasted turkey, cranberry sauce, ginger glazed carrot, sweet potato pie, and stuffing. While some are excited to try the new candy, one reviewer said “We'd say odd, but that would be forgiving. This flavor is downright wrong to be in candy.”

Of course, plenty are still willing to try the new candy, as a thanksgiving feast sounds appealing, even during the summer. For those not intrigued, there are plenty of fall releases of food right around the corner. Until then, Thanksgiving candy corn will just have to do.

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