William Shatner Reacts To Fan Made Female Version Of Captain Kirk

The Actor Shared A Photo Of The Female Version Of Himself On ‘Star Trek’

June 17, 2020

Phil Walter / Staff

Every once in a while, a piece of fan art for a beloved television series or movie goes viral, but far too often fan art is just weird, and strangely erotic. When it comes to ‘Star Trek’ fans, William Shatner usually isn’t too fond of the obsession nature of their love for his character. However, when a fan created a female version of Shatner’s character, Captain Kirk, the actor couldn’t help but show some love back.

William Shatner, 89, has had over 250 roles throughout his career, but most know him for his three seasons and subsequent movies as Captain Kirk in ‘Star Trek.’ While Shatner is synonymous with the role, one fan recently wanted to see how a female Captain Kirk would look. Instead of replacing Kirk, the fan just changed up an image of Shatner to Make him look like a female.

“I’d do me!” Shatner wrote in a tweet showing off the fan art. While Shatner usually doesn’t indulge in ‘Star Trek’ fandom, he couldn’t help but comment on the looks of the female version of himself. Hopefully this doesn’t lead to what could be the strangest ‘Star Trek’ sequel of all time.

Via Screen Rant