New Beetle Species Named After Jose Bautista's Bat Flip Against The Texas Rangers

The Weevil Will Be Known As Sicoderus Bautistai

November 23, 2018

A Canadian entomologist has named a new species of beetle after professional baseball player, Jose Bautista. What was the inspiration behind the naming of the Sicoderus bautistai? That would be Bautista’s infamous bat flip after hitting a home run that propelled his Toronto Blue Jays passed the Texas Rangers in the 2015 playoffs.

Bob Anderson of the Canadian Museum of Nature was inspired by the bat flip, and has wanted to name a species after it ever since. According to Anderson, “It was one of those moments in Toronto baseball sort of lore where he hit this big home run. And I thought what a great way to kind of recognize his contributions to Blue Jays baseball and to Canadian baseball, really, as a whole.”

The Sicoderus bautistai is a small black weevil found in the Dominican Republic, where fittingly, Bautista is from as well. Anderson, who has named about 120 weevils throughout his career said, “One of the nice things about this is that you have some latitude to do something kind of quirky. (Naming) sort of builds on a history and the names tell little stories.

Of course this is one story Texas Rangers fans would like to not remember. Bautista’s home run helped lead his team to victory over the Rangers, and the Rangers are yet to match the success of that year since. The bat flip also created a heated rivalry between the two teams, with Texas Rangers second baseman, Rougned Odor, doing his part in matching Bautista’s bat flip, with a punch of his own the next year.

For now Rangers fans in the Dominican Republic will try to stay away from this new species of beetle. Hopefully the next weevil Anderson names will honor the Rangers, and Odor’s punch. Maybe Sicoderus Odoris?

Via Associated Press