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"Cheaters" To Resume Filming All New Episodes In Dallas

June 1, 2018

Cheaters was one of those late night shows you'd get stuck watching when you should have been resting for work or school the next morning.  The long-running series chronicled people suspect with their significant other's fidelity, and watched as private eyes snuffed out the truth.  Most episodes would end in a giant confrontation of scorned love, and it was AWESOME.

Based in the Dallas Fort Worth area, new episodes haven't been filmed in a couple of years, but the show's creator says that it soon about to change.  Bobby Goldstein has promised new episodes will begin filming around Dallas in the next couple of weeks saying, "I'm really excited because we were all performing so well together, me and the crew.  It's a great show with great energy, and we have a worldwide following.  I wasn't cut out for retirement which wasn't my intention at the time, but that's what it became."

The show filmed so many episodes, Goldstein was able to take a two-year "retirement" from filming, but he is ready to bounce back with all new episodes.  He says, "After 20-something years of doing this, I've become somewhat of an expert at it, and while I've always said I was a student of the subject and not a master of it, you can kind of see historically how it all went down and why the subject of fidelity and infidelity are tantamount to people's lives.  There's so much these days that we can't trust and so little we can trust, and everyone wants to be safe and secure."

Goldstein is hoping for a September airdate, and the show will once again be hosted by Clark Gable III (yes, the grandson of the original!).

Via Dallas Observer