Check Out The First Trailer For Mowgli

May 22, 2018

Remember the Mowgli of your childhood? That sweet little cartoon boy who was raised by a panther in the jungle? His best friend was an adorable bear. Yeah, just go ahead wipe that image from your brain right now.

On Monday, Warner Brothers dropped the first official trailer for Mowgli. Of course, there are a few famous voices you may recognize...Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett, and Benedict Cumberbatch.

However, much to fans' surprise, the Jungle Book went dark. Really, really dark. (Ok, it's not exactly The Jungle Book. Actually, this film has no affiliation with Disney's recent release of the live-action version.)

But let's be honest, the story itself calls for a much darker version of the film. Mowgli is a baby who is raised by wild animals in the jungle. Bad things are inevitable. It's just nature.

Mowgli hits theaters on October 19th, 2018.