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New Internet Challenge Has People Throwing Slices Of Cheese At Babies

The “Cheesed Challenge” Has Officially Taken Over The Internet

March 3, 2019

The internet allows users to access mass amounts of information at the click of a button. It also gives people the ability to share videos of people throwing cheese at babies. While the internet is full of trendy video challenges, this one might just be the greatest yet. Introducing, the cheesed challenge:

The “cheesed challenge” first popped up on social media on Thursday, after a twitter user posted a video of someone lightly tossing a single cheese square slice at a baby. The video has been viewed over eight million times, and has led to many others joining in on the cheesed challenge

Of course, not every attempt can be a success. Some kids just aren’t willing to accept a piece of cheese getting stuck to their face.

The cheesed challenge doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, for now. Of course all internet challenges eventually quietly fade away, but this one can lead to endless enjoyment. Now, instead of asking a baby to say “cheese” for a photo, you can just cheese them instead.

Via Fox News