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You Can Order A Cheez-It & Wine Box Starting On July 25th

July 24, 2019

Do you know what the two best boxes in the world are? Cheez-it knows what they are, and they decided to bring them together to make the perfect box. 

Need to entertain guests but don’t have the time to make a cheese tray? Bust out your Cheez-It Wine box. Introducing the House Wine + Cheez-it Box.

Your summer just got a whole lot cheerier!

According to marketing director Jeff Delonis, this unique combo was inspired by their fans who've already been pairing Cheez-Its with different wines. "The folks on social media have already been participating in pairing wine with Cheez-It flavors for years, so we’re excited to deliver on that specific consumer trend.”  

You can order a House Wine + Cheez-It Box online for $25 starting on July 25th.

Via: New York Post