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Chef Responds To Vegan Protestors By Carving And Eating Deer Leg In Front Of Them

March 28, 2018

Antler is a restaurant in Toronto pretty well known for serving meats local to Canada.

Recently, a group of vegan protestors marched in front of the restaurant in order to "debunk the myth" that Antler serves "ethical and humane" meat.  Well, chef Michael Hunter apparently had enough of the protestors, and decided to stage his own act of defiance against the crew gathered outside his restaurant.  Hunter brought a huge ol' deer leg and placed it in front of a window right in front of the protestors.  Then, Hunter proceeded to butcher said deer leg, breaking it down and carving it repeatedly, much to the chagrin of the vegans.  

30 minutes after butchering the leg, Hunter returned to the window to eat it in front of the protestors.  While the little stunt has earned both praise and scorn, Hunter and Antler might soon be receiving a visit from Toronto health inspectors.  A few raised the issue of Hunter carving raw meat on a dining table, even though he placed a cutting board on top of it.  Health Inspectors confirmed they would be investigating the incident.

Via People