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Chris Hardwick Under Fire For Emotional & Sexual Abuse After His Ex-Girlfriend Writes A Detailed Blog About Her Celebrity Ex

June 15, 2018

Chloe Dykstra is know for her amazing cosplay and dating none other than Comedian and Walking Dead superfan Chris Hardwick. The couple dated for a couple of years, somewhere between 2012 to 2014. Not too long after they broke up, Hardwick moved on fairly quickly to his now wife, Lydia Hearst.

Now you may remember when Chloe and Hardwick broke up it was all very awkward. The two, each sent out a tweet about ending their relationship. Hardwick saying...

      "Hey gang sorry for the awkward tweet but @skydart & I have decided to part ways. It’s very fresh so please be respectful during this time."

Chloe saying...

Well, we may have some insight into their relationship. According to an article written by Chloe, while she doesn't name her celebrity ex, it would appear that things weren't always sunshine and rainbows. Obviously we don't for sure know that this story is about Hardwick, but it certainly alludes that it's him, especially seeing how the two met at San Diego Comic Con and she starting working for her significant other's company (presumably Nerdist). She also mentions the quick engagement after they broke up. 

Now before you start judging Chloe, that she's doing this for attention or to get something out of it, that doesn't seem to be the case. She says she's looking for closure and wants her story to be a warning to others.

Here are a few of the highlights...within the first 2 weeks, he had already established a set of rules.

      "I 'should not want to go somewhere at night'. My nights were expected to be reserved for him, as he had a busy schedule. This alienated me from my friends.

       I was to not have close male friends unless we worked together. All photos of male friends were to be removed from my apartment. This was heartbreaking for me, as my best friend happened to be male.

      As he was sober, I was not to drink alcohol. Before we began dating he said, 'I noticed you have a glass of wine with dinner. That’s going to stop.'

      I was not to speak in public places (elevators, cars with drivers, restaurants where tables were too close) as he believed that people recognized him and were listening to our conversations. Our dinners out were usually silent, him on his phone."

      I wasn’t allowed to take a photo of us. (Eventually, he softened on this rule, but was very stern about me asking permission.)

She goes on to talk about sexual abuse too. Apparently she was expected to "put out" whenever necessary, even if she wasn't feeling well. Sometimes she would cry during sex because she didn't feel well. He called that "starfishing," which he thought was hilarious.

Sadly, her story doesn't end there. It only gets more intense. You can read the rest of her story HERE.