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The City Of Dallas Resurfaced A Street In Oakcliff, Except Where There Were Parked Cars

May 17, 2018

If you live near the corner of Brooklyndell and Barnett or Superior and Ivandell in Oak Cliff, you may have noticed a little something different about your street.

The City of Dallas stopped by a couple of neighborhoods on Tuesday, ready to resurface the roads and seal up the cracks. However, when the road crew arrived, there were still cars in the street. So...they just went around each and every vehicle.

City surprised our neighborhood with unplanned street resurfacing. Except where we had cars parked.

A spokesperson for the City of Dallas says notices were sent out to residents of the neighborhood. However, other residents say they never got the a notice.

No worries, the street won't stay ugly forever. The company contracted to do the work, Viking Construction Inc., will come back and fill in the gaps.