Click It or Ticket

"Click It or Ticket" Began Today In Texas

May 21, 2018

Today, Texas law enforcement officers stepped up their enforcement of the state's annual campaign, "Click It or Ticket", as reported by NBC 5.

"Click It or Ticket" runs into Memorial Day Weekend and through Sunday June 3.

Texas law requires all vehicle passengers to wear a seat belt. Fines for not doing so are up to $200, and up to $250 in cases of children under age 8 not being secured in a child safety or booster seat.

The Texas Department of Transportation data reveals that eventhough usage of seat belts was above 90% last year, 929 people who died last year in Texas traffic accidents, were not using seat belts.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates the "Click It or Ticket" initiative has saved over 5,400 lives since 2002.

Remember! "Click It or Ticket!"