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Nearly $18 Million Worth Cocaine Found In Shipment Of Bananas Meant For Texas Prison

September 24, 2018

Two pallets of bananas were recently donated to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice due to already being ripe.  And boy, were those bananas ripe!

When officers handled the pallets, they noticed one of the boxes felt a little different than the others.  They popped it open, and found inside the bundles of bananas was another bundle!  Not more bananas however, but a white powdery substance.  In fact, it was a lot of white powdery substance.

The DCJ ended up receiving 540 packages of cocaine in 45 boxes of bananas.  The estimated street value?  $17,820,000!

The Department of Criminal Justice, along with the US Customs and Border Protection, are investigating the incident.

Via The Guardian