Sunburn, Back, Shoulders

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Company Claims Two Gummies A Day Will Protect You From Sunburn

May 23, 2018

It's not even the end of May, and already we have a 100 degree day on the horizon.  Texas, y'all.

It's never a bad idea to protect your skin form the sun's harmful rays year round, but now that Summer has decided to arrive early, now more than ever PROTECT YOUR SKIN!  While UV clothing and plenty of sunscreen will do the trick, a company called Sundots claim they have a new method to protect your skin, daily gummies!

A gummy in the morning plus another in the middle of the day provide long-lasting protection from the sun, from the inside out.  The gummy contains polypodium leucotomos, a South American species of fern that's been shown in studies to boost the skin's ability to fight against UV rays.  However, CEO and co-founder Chris Tolles urges that the gummies alone are not enough.  A combination of their use, plus regular sunscreen and protective clothing are the formidable force in the fight against sunburn.  

You can still donate to their Indiegogo campaign HERE, and find out more information and purchase your very own Sundots HERE.  

Via NY Post