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After Harassing Neighbors For Five Years English Couple Now Banned From Looking At Them

June 28, 2018

A couple in England have been banned from looking at their neighbor's house and are now researching legal action against it. 

Nigel and Sheila Jacklin allegedly harassed their neighbors Stephane Duckett and Norinne Betjemann for roughly 5 years over supposed light pollution, verbal abuse and excesive noise from builders.  And now after recieving a notice from Sussex Police, the Jacklins are barred from entering into an “exclusion zone” around the property.

Being labeled as a Community Protection Notice, if the Jacklins are “perceived by any person to be looking into any neighbor’s property” they could face prosecution.  Nigel Jacklin said the note also bans them from spending time on a portion of the beach they have used for over 20 years.  “The notice is preventing us from doing something that we’ve done for 26 years and caused no harm. We live by the beach because we like to go to the sea; this action prevents us from enjoying the beautiful location we live in. The police failed to investigate our side of the story.”

The notice also listed things they are to “immediately stop” doing, including using “foul language” in public, contacting their neighbors by any means, entering a specified “zone” or “looking into” the property.

The Jacklins have begun to look for legal representation and plan on challenging the notice in court.

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