Dad and Daughter Dancing

Photo By Getty Images

North Texas Dad Goes Viral For His Impromptu Garage Dance Party

May 25, 2019

Things can get pretty tense when the wife and daughter get into an argument. One dad here in North Texas found the perfect solution to the problem; a dance party. 

Ivana Reynoso is a 19-year old college student, who came home to Grand Praire for the summer. When her mom asked why she couldn’t find a summer job while she was home, the two got into a heated argument. 

Ivana’s dad walked in during the argument and saw that they both needed some space. That’s when he told Ivana to wait outside. That’s when he brought her into the newly transformed garage, decked out with lights and music. The dad told FOX 4 News that he was setting up his new DJ lights when the argument broke out. 

"I was just trying out my new DJ lights in the garage, and I went into the house to find my daughter and wife having a little argument. So I brought her in the garage to get in her in a good mood. I know she loves music and dancing."

Ivana posted a video of her and her dad dancing on Twitter with the caption, “Me and my mom started arguing so my dad brought me in the garage to escape her..... we did this for an hour.” The clip has since gone viral and has been viewed more than 12 million times. 

Way to go dad!