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A Perfect Catch Helped A Dallas Man Save A Baby Dropped From A Third Story Apartment Building During Fire

The Man Was Driving When He Saw Smoke And Quickly Went To Help

November 21, 2018

A Dallas man has saved the life of a baby, and many others from an apartment building that had caught on fire. Byron Campbell was one of the first people on the scene, after seeing smoke nearby while driving. He went knocking on apartment doors to warn people, but his most heroic move came when he caught a baby tossed from a window.

Byron Campbell was able to catch the 1-year-old perfectly after her mother was convinced by Campbell to drop her from a third story window. According to her mother Shuntara Thomas, “I didn’t want my daughter to lose her life. He told me: ‘just trust me. I got her, I got her.’ So without even thinking, I just dropped her.”

The hero was quick to help others when he first saw the smoke. After alerting those in their apartments to the fire, he helped others who were using mattresses to help residents jump from windows. That’s when he heard screams of a woman who had a baby. Without thinking, the young man trusted his instincts, and was able to catch the baby with no harm done.

After catching the baby, Byron Campbell went back to work helping others. Thanks to Byron six people were able to escape the burning building and no one was hurt, according to firefighters. His heroic move was captured on phone video.

The fire was able to destroy 24 apartments’ buildings that housed 40 residents. The building has been demolished since the fire. Luckily thanks to Byron Campbell only the homes were harmed, not the people. “Throwing my baby out to a complete stranger that I didn’t know,” said Shuntara Thomas. “but I do thank him because without him my child’s life would not have been saved.” Byron Campbell is truly a hero and is a great example of helping others in need.

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