Dallas Zoo Welcomes Their First Baby Gorilla In 20 Years

July 3, 2018

We have a new baby to love at the Dallas Zoo!

Congratulations are in order for the new mom and dad, Hope and Silverback Subira (a first-time father), who brought the first baby gorilla into the Dallas Zoo world in 20 years.

This sweet baby was actually born last Monday, June 25th. The Dallas Zoo had been keeping the pregnancy a secret for quite some time and then waited a little over a week before sending out the birth announcement. 

Momma Hope was in labor for about an hour. Dad was among the first to greet his new baby, gently kissing this little nugget on the forehead. Both mom and baby are doing well.

FIRST BABY GORILLA IN 20 YEARS: Pinch us. We’re welcoming our first baby #gorilla in 20 years – born on Monday, June 25, this infant also marks the fifth baby gorilla we’ve cared for in nearly 50 years. Our 22-year-old critically #endangered gorilla Hope quietly delivered the infant last Monday morning in the gorilla barn after laboring for just over an hour. Hope and the baby are both doing well. Mom is tired but she’s tending to the infant perfectly, and the baby appears to be strong – gripping onto mom, and nursing frequently. Silverback Subira, a first-time father, was the first member of the troop to greet the baby, gently putting his lips on the infant’s head shortly after birth. READ the birth story and see MORE PHOTOS. --Link is in our bio!-- *Mom and baby remain behind the scenes where they're bonding privately. We'll let you know soon when you can see them in the habitat!

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For the time being, Hope and her baby will stay behind the scenes while they bond. No word just yet on when you'll be able to visit. The Dallas Zoo says they'll let us know soon!