Raccoon Climbs The Side Of A Building, Survives After Falling 9 Stories

September 23, 2018

Pretty sure all these raccoons have been watching Guardians of the Galaxy. 

Earlier this year a raccoon was rescued after climbing 23 stories up the side of a building in St. Paul, Minnesota. Now another raccoon was seen climbing the side of a building in New Jersey. This one didn’t get as high as the raccoon from Minnesota and only made up 9 stories. 

Though he did end up leaping off the side of the building, lucky for him the building was on the beach and he landed in the sand. The little guy survived the fall, quickly got up and ran away. 

A video was taken of the raccoons' epic climb; maybe he was just showing off for the huge audience he had drawn.

Check out the video below. 

Via: Mashable