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David Copperfield Forced To Reveal Illusion In Court

April 19, 2018

A magician never reveals his tricks.... that is, unless, there's a court oder involved.

Magician David Copperfield will have to commit magic's cardinal sin, taking the stand to explain the workings of one of his biggest tricks. This all started 5 years ago when Copperfield performed one of his signature tricks called "13 baloons." The trick takes random audience members and makes them disappear.

During this particular show, a British tourist allegedly slipped and fell, resulting in severe injury including brain trauma.

Basically, the magician picks 13 audience members at random and brings them onstage. A curtain drops and moments later, the 13 audience members have vanished. While the audience is distracted, stagehands rush the 13 participants through dark and winding passageways, ending up in the back of the theater.

Gavin Cox, the man who's suing Copperfield, says negligence lead to his injury and that the route used in the illusion was dangerous. Copperfield actually used the same route earlier in the show and his lawyers argue that if path was indeed hazardous, he would have notified stagehands.