Dirk Nowitzki, Suit, Smile

(Photo by Joe Russo / imageSPACE)

Dirk Nowitzki Joins Justin Timberlake On Stage For Shots During Concert Stop At The AAC

May 29, 2018

Dirk Nowitzki knows a thing or two about taking shots at the American Airlines Center.

Well why would a Justin Timberlake concert make those circumstances any different?  Timberlake performed two shows on back-to-back nights at the American Airlines Center this past weekend, one of which he was joined by the "man that built the AAC," future Hall of Famer and our favorite Maverick Dirk Nowitzki.

This time, however, Dirk was handling a different kind of shot as he walked onto the stage carrying a tray of drinks for Timberlake and his band.  Timberlake then remarked how he and Dirk have known each other a while, ever since JT's first solo stop in Dallas almost almost twenty years ago.  Timberlake told the crowd, "This guy came to see me when I did my first show here, years and years ago, and after the show he was like, 'Why you did not close with 'Rock Your Body?'"  The crowd laughed.  JT continued the story, recalling telling Dirk, "That's good advice, Dirk.  Why you don't got no ring yet?"  The crowd didn't like that one has much.  Timberlake's first solo album was released in 2002, and the Mavs didn't win an NBA Championship until 2011.

Nowitzki recently confirmed he will be back next season, his 21st in the NBA, all with the Mavs!