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Dirty Home And Gaining Weight? Study Suggests Household Dust Can Make You Fat

May 23, 2018

If you're already not knee-deep in some annual spring cleaning, you might want to get started.  Your beach body could depend on it!

A new study out of Portugal suggests that substances found in household dust, packaging, plastics, and furniture known as "obesogens" can alter the hormones in our body to build up fat.  Obesogens are chemicals that enter our bodies and and alter the way we store fat.  They can either increase the number of fat cells or can even change our body's ability to burn calories.  

And obsegens aren't just located in common dust.  Lead author of the study, Ana Catarina Sousa of the Universities of Aveiro and Beira Interior, wrote in the report that "Obesogens can be found almost everywhere and our diet is a main source of exposure, as some pesticides and artificial sweeteners are obesogens.  Equally, they are present in plastics and home products, so completely reducing exposure is extremely difficult — but to significantly reduce it is not only feasible but also very simple."

Some remain unconvinced, however.   Russell Viner, president of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, told The Guardian, "For some medical reasons, such as protection against allergies, yes, it's advised to keep a dust-free home and so, too, is removing shoes to avoid bringing in dirt from outside, but these things will not make you a healthy weight.  Only a balanced diet and regular exercise will do that."

Still, wouldn't hurt to keep clean anyways, right?

Via NY Post