Dirty Dog

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“Dead” Dog Digs Out Of Grave, Returns To Owners

April 18, 2019

Stephen King’s novel ‘Pet Sematary’ is a work of fiction, but after this crazy situation, it seems very possible. 

A family in Russia thought their 18-year-old dog 'Dik' had died after not waking up from his nap. Due to the dog’s old age, the family thought Dik had passed away in his sleep. They carried him in a blanket and dug a shallow grave for him at the pet cemetery near their village. 

Afterward, a local animal shelter posted a picture of Dik on social media asking if anyone had recognized him. Dik had managed to dig his way out of his grave. A passer-by had spotted Dik lying next to an expressway and brought him to the nearby shelter.

According to Irina Mudrova head of the shelter, Dik’s owners saw the pictures of him online, came and picked him up. “Dik’s owners thought that he was dead after failing to wake him up. Fortunately, they buried him not deep underground and he managed to get to the surface after regaining consciousness. His owners, two elderly sisters, came to take him home and cried.” 

Via: The Mirror