Donald Faison, Hat, Smile

(Photo by Birdie Thompson/AdMedia)

Donald Faison Runs Into Fan Wearing "Clueless" Shirt, And She Has NO Idea Who He Is

August 2, 2018

First the guys from The Sandlot, and now Donald Faison, too?

Faison was out and about the other day when he happened across a young woman wearing a t-shirt depicting the cast of the hit '90s film Clueless.  Well, it turns out that she was wearing the shirt more as a fashion statement than as an homage to the movie, because when Faison, who starred in the movie, approached her, she had NO idea who she was.  

Faison captioned the pic, "#Clueless for real for real…she was like who are you and why do you want this picture? #MovieOlderThanYou"

And if you remember, this happened to Patrick Renna and Tom Guiry of The Sandlot recently too!

Via People