Whataburger, Restaurant, Logo

(Photo by Rachel Denny Clow/Caller-Times via USA TODAY NETWORK)

Drivers Stuck In High Five Traffic Park Cars On Highway And Walk To Whataburger

June 22, 2018

Just after 4am yesterday, a tanker truck traveling southbound on 75 towards the ramp to 635 lost control and tipped over a restraining wall.

The truck as carrying a highly volatile substance, so crews took immediate action to shut down the High Five in order to clean the scene.  The resin was flammable, so crews shut everything down to make sure the scene was totally clean before allowing traffic to proceed as normal.  Unfortunately, this was not an easy or quick process.  The High Five and surrounding streets were completely jammed, many at a complete standstill, for several hours.  

With the prospect of being stuck in a standstill for several hours looming, genius struck some drivers.  They parked their cars on the highway, and walked to a nearby Whataburger for food.  Some were even taking orders for those that didn't want to leave their vehicles!

And for those stuck in the jam but didn't want Whataburger, they had no choice but to dance!