Baggage Handler

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Drunk Baggage Handler Passes Out In The Cargo Hold, Wakes Up In Another City

November 1, 2018

Getting on an airplane can be a bit jarring. Some of us like to drink before getting on; others will take a nap while in the air. Whatever makes the flight easier, right? 

This baggage handler did a little of both while on the job. 

Police in Chicago discovered a man in the cargo hold of a plane on Saturday. The baggage handler told police that he was drunk and had passed out while he was working. 

American Airlines confirmed that the man was an employee of their subsidiary Piedmont Airlines; he was working on the ramp of flight 363 from Kansas City to Chicago when he passed out in the heated and pressurized cargo hold. 

No one noticed he missing, and wasn’t discovered until an hour after the flight landed at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. 

A spokesperson for the Chicago police says that the handler told officers that he was intoxicated and decided to take a nap in the cargo hold before the plane took off. He was sent back to Kansas City on another flight. No charges filed against the employee. 

American Airlines says that they are grateful that their employee was not injured, and is indeed reviewing what happened. The identity of the employee was not released. 

Talk about a rough night. 

Via: USA Today