Person Surprised on a plane

Photo By Getty Images

[VIDEO] Drunk Woman Twerks & Flashes Airline Passengers As She Being Kicked Off The Plane

April 9, 2019

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen other passengers do while on a plane? Was it as funny as this lady twerking and flashing other passengers before takeoff? 

A flight from Orlando, Florida bound for Newark, New Jersey got off to a bumpy start when a woman was asked to turn her phone off. She refused and for some reason started screaming at the flight attendants. 

While she was collecting her belongings, everyone on board the plane started recording video with their phones. She began twerking in the aisle and flashed everyone on board. One passenger can be heard yelling “You’re so trashy, I love it!” The unidentified woman then started screaming at other passengers. 

It’s believed that she was drunk when she started yelling at the flight attendants, all the passengers cheered when she finally left the plane. Check out the video below. 

Via: New York Post