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Allergies Acting Up? Blame Dust Blowing In From The Sahara Desert.

July 17, 2018

As if the rising temperatures aren't enough of a burden, we're now completely convinced everybody should just stay in their homes until October at the minimum.

If your allergies are kicking it up a notch currently, you can place on the blame on the Sahara Desert.  Yes....THAT Sahara Desert.  Strong winds blowing across the Atlantic are blowing dust from the third largest desert in North Africa, 5,000 miles all the way here.  The Saharan Dust creates hazy skies, and may cause some irritation for those North Texans with respiratory issues.  Fun!

And these hazy conditions could remain for the better part of the week, as well.  And if you have allergy or lung problems, expect more irritation than usual.  Dr. Stephen Mueller, a pulmonologist with Methodist Charleston Medical Center, said, "The Saharan sand is not common to our area," so we may experience more symptoms as usual as our bodies try to adjust.  

Dr. Mueller's advice?  Keep your inhalers close, stay indoors, and keep close to the air conditioning.  Sounds good to us!