Photo By: E. Jason Wambsgans/Chicago Tribune/TNS/Sipa USA

Eagle Snatches Up A Rabbit Right Out Of A Foxes Mouth

May 24, 2018

Nature at its finest

Photographer Zachary Hartje, was at San Juan Island Historic Park in Washington state when he captured video of a fox battling an eagle over a rabbit. Hartje posted the footage on Facebook a few days ago.

The footage shows a fox alone in a field, with the rabbit he caught in his mouth. The fox is seen running with his dinner, then out of the blue an eagle swooped in and tired to snatch up the rabbit. The little fox wouldn't give up his dinner and ended up being carried 20 feet into the air. Unfortunately the fox did not prevail but did walk away unharmed.

Check out the footage below.

Via: Fox 4 News