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Family In Ohio Turns Their House Into The Griswold Home From 'Christmas Vacation'

December 7, 2018

There are many in the world that would argue that ''National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation'' is the best Christmas movie of all time.  

Or at least Greg Osterland of Ohio thinks so.

For at least six years, Greg has been decorating his home in 25,000 lights to re-create the Griswold's house from "Christmas Vacation".

Osterland's love of the Griswold family started after the movie's release in 1989 and continued through out most of his life along with his wife.  The pair even went house hunting making sure that anything they bought matched Griswold style decor.   

The inside of the house even has handmade props from various scenes from the film.  

According to Greg, it takes weeks to complete all the decorations.  They usually start in October and get plenty of help from family and friends.  

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