Monkeys, Picking Ear

Female Monkeys Don't Trust Males, Even When They Know They're Right

September 2, 2018

A study conducted by St. Andrews University has found that female monkeys are hesitant to follow the example of males, even if they are aware they would benefit from doing so.  Sounds familiar, huh?

The research team followed male monkeys and their habits of obtaining food.  The female monkeys opted to follow the lead of their other females, despite the male's methods seemingly being more successful.  Male monkeys have more of a tendency than females to roam from group to group.  Since females are more likely to stay in a single spot, the general consensus is that male monkeys have poor local knowledge, and therefore cannot be trusted.

Males, however, are willing to seek the aid and use the methods of whoever found the best solution.  Professor Whiten, of the School of Psychology and Neuroscience at St Andrews, said, "The explanation for the sex difference may be that for females the important thing is to maintain close bonds with the other females they spend their whole lives with in the same group.  They may be less inclined to copy males, who are likely to have less reliable local knowledge."

Via Telegraph