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Firefighter In Plano Helps Finish 90 Year Old's Yard Work After He Collapsed

June 24, 2018

After responding to an emergency call on Friday to help a 90 year old man in Plano who collapsed outside in his backyard, one firefighter stepped up and went above and beyond to help the man. 

Firefighter Rance Pringle took it upon himself to finish the yard work the 90 year old had been working on while the others were giving aid to the senoir citizen inside the house.  Of course if you went outside at all Friday you'll know it was the hottest day of the year so far reaching temperatures into 100.

“Just help someone. If you see someone in need or if they need help if they’re having a bad day, just try to be a bright spot on someone’s day. It doesn’t take much effort. It’s pretty easy. I think just the effort alone… makes all the difference in the world,” said Pringle.

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