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A Flamingo That Went Missing From A Kansas Zoo In 2005 Seen In Texas

June 26, 2018

Over ten years ago, a flamingo known simply as No. 492, escaped from a zoo in Kansas, and now has found its way here to Texas.  

The bird was seen on the Gulf Coast by members of Texas Parks and Wildlife.  However, it's possible No. 492 has been in Texas for a few years.  In 2013 Neal Hayward, a birder from Massachusetts, saw the flamingo in another area around the Texas coast.  

After the break out in 2005, No. 492 was seen in other states like Wisconsin and Louisiana.  Standing 4'5'', No. 492 is roughly 23 years old.  Apparently, flamingos have the capability to live up to 50 years in the wild.  So we could have our state's new feathery friend around for quite some time.  

Scott Newland, the zoo's bird curater in Kansas, said No. 492 having a life in the wild could actually be a good thing.  “The good thing is that if this is what gets people out watching wildlife, there is no harm in that.”

-source via ktvt.com